Something for nothing

There's no such thing as a free lunch - or is there?

Often you can reduce the amount you pay by just changing the way you pay.
But sometimes you can genuinely get something for nothing.
You are unlikely to make much out of this (and if you appear to then there's probably a catch) but the odd few percent here and there always helps.

0% interest rate loans
Get money on an interst free loan and invest that money - or better pay of other debts (e.g. mortgage).
The lender will hope that you will extend the loan beyond the interest free period and transfer automatically to a high interest rate.
Interest free purchase - usually pay nothing for 6 months. Not advised as you need to keep a record and pay off the loan on time.
Interest free credit cards - see CreditCards. This can be good as long as you don't treat it as your money.

Cash back
Some payment methods return a percentage as cash back.
e.g. Morgan Staley platinum credit card Morgan Stanley gives 2% cashback on all purchases (1% after 1 May 2005).

Web sites that pay you
Sign up and get units to receive emails more units when you buy on-line or sign up through their links.
e.g. 6 Units per 1 spent at
3,980 Units for an American Express card.
1,365 Units for BT broadband.
Get 15,000 units and convert to cash ($25) or shares in the company.
Not a lot but something for nothing

Earn points by searching on shopping sites, get cashback.
Also get points for applying for credit cards
100 points = 1
Get 30ish points per day for searches.
500 points for an Egg card
1000 points for Morgan Stanley card.
Register via a link on this site and get an extra 500 points from RPoints.com.