Credit Cards

Get a 0% interest rate on purchases card.
This will probably be for a max of 6 months and may include balance transfers
Transfer any balances you have available
Use this as much as possible but be careful

Never use it to withdraw cash.
Never fail to pay the minimum payment amount - set up a standing order or direct debit if possible.
If you gain any charges on the card then these will accrue interest every month at a high rate and will not be paid off until the account is cleared.
You will have to abandon the card and transfer the balance to a new one.

Remember this is not your money and will have to be paid back at some time (probably) so keep it safe.
Put it in an interest earning account or better and offset motgage account.

Remember at the end of the offer period you must pay off the card balance - transfer the balance to another 0% balance transfer offer credit card.
In this way you can keep a sum of money for your use free of charge - just make sure to remember that it is not your money so don't spend it.

When applying for a card link from a site which gives you cashback

Check your credit record
Get your UK credit file for free