Create a forum based on sql server
Author Nigel Rivett

Join up with a host providing sql server. e.g. webhost4life.com.

Join WebHost4Life.com

No need to chooose a domain name at this point.
You will need the sql server package - currently $9.95 / month

You will have to wait a couple of days for your login to be activated - you will receive an email.
Log in to webhost4life.
Go to Hosting Control Panel
On the left find Database and click on MS SQL
Log in using the info from the email received for ip address etc.
Create a database named ForumDB.
Create a user (will be dbo for the database).

Download the snitz software.
This will leave you with a file named sf2k_v34_04.zip (about half a MB).

Open the file sf2k_v34_04.zip - download winzip if you don't already have it

There you will find readme.htm which gives installation instructions.
Read these, they may have changed since this was written.
Refer to this if you have doubts.

Create a folder c\install\snitz\
unzip the contents of sf2k_v34_04.zip (except the access daatabase) to this folder.

Open config.asp with notepad
Look for the line
'strDBType = "sqlserver"
Remove the ' and the front to enable this database type.

A short way below that are tghe connection strings. Find
'strConnString = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=
and remove the '.
Replace SERVER_NAME, DB_NAME, UID, and PWD with the ip address, database name, user and password used earlier on the host.

Save the file

Now upload to your web site
(I use t-sql for it but then I'm a bit odd).

Open a command window
cd \
        open serverxxx.webhostforlife.com
        lcd install
        lcd snitz
        cd forum
        prompt off
        mput *.gif
        mput *.asp

You will have been given a temporary url in the email from webhost4life.
Connect to this url followed by the address of your forum directory

You will be presented with a setup your database page
click on
              Click here to create the tables in the database.

database name / passsword - same as the connection string entries
forum admin username/password - think of something else not the same as the above.

Now type in the address Http://sitexxx.WebHost4Life.com/username/forum/default.asp
And you will be presented with your forum.

The first thing you will want to do is add some categories and forums.
Log in as the administrator.
View the forums. The purple folder icons on the right are to add items below the current level.

Now point your domain at your website.
Register a domain name.
Caution - some registrars charge more than they should.

Example prices - 
.com $35 / year
.net $35 / year
.uk  $90 / 2 years

.com 8.89 / year
.net 8.89 / year
.co.uk 2.95 / year

Once you have registered the domain you need to change the name servers to point to the webhost4life name servers.
The name servers will be named in the email you received.

Now point the domain name to your web site.
Log in to webhost4life.
Hosting control panel
On left hand side under Domain Manager click Domain name
select add domain to subfolder at the top
type in your domain name
type in the subfolder "forum"
click add domain

under iis manager click set default page
Your domain name should be present in the dropdown list
click go
Now type "default.asp" and click update.
This will cause the forum to be displayed when someone visits your site.