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Word - Networks in Microsoft Word, Draw
Author Nigel Rivett

Create a canvas (this is at the bottom of the shapes dropdown)
	Insert, Shapes, New Drawing Canvas
	Note: make sure all objects are on the canvas
Add a vertex
	Insert, Shapes, Oval
	Size the oval so that it has 8 connection points.
Add a label to the vertex
	Insert, Textbox, Simple Text Box
	Delete the text in the text box
	Type A in the text box (the first vertex label)
	Format the text box
		Right click on the text box border
		Format Shape
		Fill & line, 	Line, No Line
						Fill, No Fill
	Move the text box near to the vertex
	Group the text box with the vertex
		Select the lable and the vertex
			Click on the text box
			Hold ctrl and click on the vertex
			Let up ctrl, vertext and text box xhould remain selected
			Right click on the vertex or text box
				Group, Group
			The vertex and text box will now be a single entity
Add a line with an arrowhead
	Insert, Shapes, Line Arrow
	Right click to connect the line to a vertex connection point
	To move the connection point right click on the end of the line.
Add a label to the line
	Same process as with the text box.
Add another text box
	Select the text box and label
	Copy the objects and move to the required position
	Update the label
	Connect the end of the line to the new vertex
Add a curved line
	Insert, Shapes, Connector: Curved Arrow
	Add a label
	Connect the ends and set the curve

Continue copying and adding vertextes and lines to form the network.

Another common format to set is the colour

To copy the result into a document
	Load the snipping tool
	Select the area to copy (this will copy the area to the clipboard)
	Paste the are into the document

	Word_Draw image
	Word document
	Word_Draw Word document